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From President's Desk

Heartly welcome to Tanmoy College of Higher Education. In this changing global scenario to empower our youth with positive outlook and inculcate strong values in them so that they immerge as role models for their students to become strongly rooted global citizens. Let us as Educationists work together enthusiastically in developing our students as enterprising teachers with futuristic vision. Let us be aware of our role as pillers of ideologies and be gear up. I believe that our Institution, stands today at an unprecedented strength to impart quality teacher education and encourage lifelong learning teachers.
Our vision gives us a clear picture of our way ahead and will direct us to fulfill our mission which we have started. To build a world-class institution with a strong commitment to ethical leadership & excellence in education. We are committed to developing value-centric education systems that are leading in spirit, principled in orientation, and global in delivery. Our values count with, Accountability, Innovation, Responsibility and Excellence.
To empower you with appropriate support the management owns a chain of important educational institutions from schools to institutions of higher education The Managing Body is composed of eminent Professionals and public men who want promote education as a service to society, without expecting any returns. The peaceful and congenial atmosphere of the college encourages students and teachers to enhance the quality of administrative and academic work of the college. Tanmoy College of Higher Education a body of Mahendra Memorial Trust launched with an aim of spreading education among people of West Bengal. Tanmoy College of Higher Education is a pioneer college of Teacher Education which offers the B.Ed. programme which is affiliated to West Bengal State University, as an affiliated college of the University. Tanmoy College of Higher Education always remains the first choice of the students. It currently has student strength of 100.
In pretext of the above I encourage you to access all our services and invite you to join us in pursuing your intellect, civic and personal endeavours through our institution. It is at Tanmoy College of Higher Education where you can join a rich learning community in which you can grow and learn the values and skills necessary in creating and leaving a legacy that our communities can truly appriciate.
Our motto at Tanmoy College of Higher Education is to impart Quality Teacher Education, a fact that is evident from our achievement and quality of teachers produced and we believe in our motto Vasudevaya Kutumbakam.

Tarak Ch. Roy
Tanmoy College of Higher Education

From Principal's Desk

Dear Candidates,
Tanmoy College of Higher Education being the flagship institute affiliated by the prestigious West Bengal State University has set high standards for itself. The Institute is committed to provide high quality education to its students and transform them into competent professionals who have domain knowledge and skills, acumen mental maturity and respect for human and National values. The approach adopted by the institute to accomplish this is focused on softness in dealings, conversation and interaction and firmness in maintaining academic and general discipline.
The roadmap developed for the institute envisions it to acquire the status of a prestigious institute of education at utmost level of imparting education. The initiatives taken to make Tanmoy College of Higher Education one of the most sought after institute in the state by recuriting erudite faculties with the experiance in handling and grooming the bud to flourish the next generation teachers with, regular revision of curriculam in line with fast changing need of industry, employing innovative methods of teaching, providing ample opportunities for learning outside the classroom through projects, techfest, excursions and cultural programmes.
I on behalf of Tanmoy College of Higher Education welcome you to enrich and experiance for the exposure to the industry of Education.

Dr. Preetilata Jena
Tanmoy College of Higher Education