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College Laboratory

ICT & ET Laboratory

The college has a newly-renovated state-of-the-art computer laboratory with Internet connection facilities. The laboratory has 16 personal computers with with the latest configurations especially for the use by the students. The laboratory is also equipped with Scanning and Printing facilities. The college also has Overhead Projectors, Audio Equipment, a VCD player and Television and such other equipments which are often used in the teaching -learning process. The laboratory is looked after by a qualified teaching assistant who also provides technical support.

Language Lab

Language Lab is set up in college because it is not only a place where learners perform language experiments but it is special lab where language experiments practiced by speaking & listening with the help of sound equipment. It recognizes the indiviual differences and language aptitude of learner. It is a self-learning device, designed in such a manner that a student can practice carefully produced pattern of drills. College is well equipped with microphones, LCD projector with screen, CPU & many CDs to learn & speak English fluently.